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anxious child kalamazoo

Anxious child? Helping them have a give it a try attitude

Does your hesitant, or anxious child have a hard time trying new things.  Sometimes you probably wish they would just jump ...
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avoidance anxiety therapy kalamazoo

Avoidance and Anxiety in Children

Avoidance is one of the biggest culprits in the maintenance of anxiety in children.  Avoidance is directly connected to the ...
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grief counseling kalamazoo

Grief and Kids : 5 things every grieving child wants their parent to know

The death of family member, friend or significant person in a child’s life is a terrible loss.  Your child may ...
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fighting in front of your kids kalamazoo

Fighting in front of your kids? The do’s and dont’s

Ever wonder how fighting in front of your kids impacts them?  You’re worried whether you should or shouldn’t fight in ...
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back to school kalamazoo child therapy

Back to School: 3 tips to help kids be ready

Winter break is a wonderful time of year for children to enjoy time with family and friends. It’s also a ...
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kalamazoo child therapy tantrum

Tantrums – When Kids flip their lid

Ever find yourself lost as to why your child tantrums?  Maybe you’ve heard yourself saying (or pleading) to your child, ...
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