Counseling for Challenging Children and Teens

Disruptive, manipulator, naughty, attention-seeking, stubborn, spoiled-brat, resistant, button-pusher, defiant, and bad kid.  These are all descriptions that are used for behaviorally challenging.   Kalamazoo Child and Family Counseling provides therapy for challenging children and frustrated parents in Kalamazoo, Portage and South West Michigan.

For preschool and elementary age children:

You’re in the middle of the supermarket.   You came in just to get a couple of things you need. You told your kid you’d be in an out. Despite all of your preparation your child begins to tantrum. They wanted this or that and you said “No.” They don’t seem to respond to consequences or time-outs. In their rage they’re kicking, screaming, crying, and hitting. You feel absolutely powerless and embarrassed by their behavior. You are worried about what others in the store are thinking, or maybe you’re saying to yourself that you’re a failure. This was the most recent event that has your child’s behavior on your mind. They’ve been kicked out of preschool, or at least it seems like the school has your number on speed dial. You’ve decided that to call in professional help for your child. Challenging children often are lagging social-emotional skills that their peers have mastered.

Therapy for challenging children who are preschool and elementary works. It involves helping them develop skills to be successful when they struggle most. It also means helping frustrated parents take a step back and carefully plan how best to help their child. For struggling children, parents are the biggest help.

For middle school and high school children:

They’re an hour late. You told them when you expect them home, and they ignored you. Your worrying about if they’re safe or whether or not they’ve gotten in trouble again. The school has called you a couple of times  about where they are.  When they are attending, they are not performing to their abilities.   It seems like they’re not trying to do well at school or don’t care altogether.

Your teen seems off track, and you’re worried about the road they are going down. They are angry and distant, like you can’t do anything right.  The reality is that challenging teenagers put their parents through the ringer. You’ve exhausted everything you know to try about getting them back on track.   Counseling for challenging teens often involves helping everyone get on the same page.

Counseling for Challenging Children and Teens:

Challenging children may be explosive, defiant or stubborn.  Often times challenging children are angry, frustrated, don’t follow the rules, or have other behavioral or emotional issues.  Ultimately, angry children are challenging children.  Kalamazoo Child and Family Counseling specializes in helping children with disruptive behavior disorders like: oppositional defiant disorder, or conduct disorder. Many times these children need help learning anger management, problem solving, and social skills.  We are proudly providing counseling to children and families in the Kalamazoo, Portage and South West Michigan area.

Kalamazoo Child and Family Counseling provides therapy to children with behavioral disorders like Oppositional Defiant Disorder in Kalamazoo, Portage, Mattawan and South West Michigan.

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Counseling for challenging children