Group Therapy

Why Group Therapy?

Group Therapy is an amazing way to help children, tweens and teens because of how powerful peer relationships and feedback can be.  When a therapist can create a safe space for teens and kids to come together and truly be themselves, it becomes a powerful tool to facilitate change.  Group therapy is also an affordable way to supplement individual therapy.  Sometimes group therapy may be just the boost a struggling kid may need, but other times is not a replacement for individual counseling.  Any one who signs up for group who is not an established client at Kalamazoo Child and Family counseling will need to first schedule an intake.  There is information below about how to do that.

group therapy kalamazoo

Group counseling can be wonderful way for children, tweens and teens to learn and practice new coping skills.  Or have a safe place to share their experiences.   Groups also offer an opportunity for kids to practice social skills, and face social anxiety.  It also a good way for kids to hold each other responsible to things that they are working on. It is support place of kids to share  goals,  praise and support one another.

If you’ve been curious about therapy groups, or your child or teen has been in therapy for a long time and you’re not seeing the results that you’d like to see, groups may be just the extra boost they need. Kalamazoo Child and Family Counseling is offering  affordable group counseling for children, tweens and teens from Kalamazoo, Portage, Mattawan and surrounding area.


Current Groups:

Tween and Young Teen Group (Boys)

Focusing on middle school and early high school boys who struggle with anxiety, making friends, and self-esteem.


Group Rate – $50 per week

**An intake appointment is required for new clients**

If you’re interested in a group for your child fill out the form below to reserve a spot in an upcoming group or learn more about the groups currently being offered.